About us

About us

From the manufacture of outdoor furniture to camping assembly, we have naturally, almost inevitably moved – yes, we have moved – to making equipment for leisure and sport. Just lift your butt and start moving – move will find you.

It's natural to be outside. Just like it feels good to come back indoors, so it feels good to go outside, whether to the terrace, the garden or beyond.

From the production of garden furniture under the Egoé life brand, through the Egoé nest camper assemblies, we have shifted - quite naturally and almost inevitably - yes, we have moved - to the production of leisure and sports equipment for the winter season. It is logical: most people around Egoé are athletes in body and soul.

We originally started making skis because we wanted to give ourselves and other athletes a quality product with an unmistakable design. Just as with garden furniture, it was difficult to find a product to suit us in both aspects. That is why we joined forces with other reputable manufacturers in the Czech Republic and started our own production.

The original intention to introduce accessories for the nest camper assembly has finally shown us that we can offer a whole range of other products for outdoor activities. Since we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to camping products alone, we created a third separate department - Egoé move.

Who and what is behind it?

We are not about conquering the sporting equipment market. We want to build things well, and we want to make them in the Czech Republic in the closest cooperation with the best companies in the field. We thus influence the resulting form of our products to make their design works as well as possible in the context of the entire Egoé brand.  Because there are many enthusiastic skiers among our designers, the winter collection logically has top priority. We are already preparing for next season because for us, the season never ends.

Egoé means outdoors

Life. Nest. Move. Three contours on one journey. Connected by a single philosophy, outstanding quality and unique design. You will find Egoé life where you live and where you spend time in the fresh air - in your garden or on the terrace. Egoé nest is sure to keep you safe on your travels - just stop anywhere and live outdoors as comfortably as you do back home. And Egoé move? Just lift your butt and start moving – move will find you.